Dysprosium Fluoride

Dysprosium fluoride is white hexagonal crystal, which is rare earth metal fluoride. It is insoluble in water, dilute acid and alkali metal fluoride solutions. It is stable at room temperature and pressure. Rare earth trifluoride nano particles could act as base material for MALDI-MS. Dysprosium metal , dysprosium chloride or dysprosium trioxide is the raw material.

Dysprosium Fluoride

Purity: Dy/RE 99.9% 3N

CAS No.:13569-80-7EINECS No.:236-992-9Molecular Formula:DyF3Molecular Weight:219.50
Melting Point:1360℃Boiling Point:2200℃  


Dysprosium trifluoride is magnetostriction material. DyF3 is also raw material for metal dysprosium.