Erbium Oxide

Erbium oxide is pink powder, which is rare earth oxide. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in acid. Er2O3 absorb CO2 and H2O in air to form subcarbonate salts. It is stable at room temperature and pressure. When heating to 1300℃, it turns into hexagonal crystal and not melt. Its property and production method is close to other lanthanum series elements.

Erbium Oxide

CAS No.:12061-16-4 EINECS No.:235-045-7 Molecular Formula:Er2O3 Molecular Weight:382.52
Density:8.64 Melting Point:1522℃ Boiling Point:2355℃


Erbium(III) oxide mainly applies as dopant of yttrium iron garnet and control material of nuclear reactor. It is also raw material for special luminescent glasses and infrared absorbing glass.

Erbium trioxide is colorant for glass, which make glass show rosy. It is also additive for yttrium aluminum garnet laser material and activating agent for fluorescent powder. It is catalyst for prepare oil chemicals.

In producing crystal glass, it need remove yellow color that caused by 3+ iron ion. Adding erbium(III) oxide with or without neodymium oxide remove yellow efficiently.