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Gadolinium Powder

Gadolinium powder is made from gadolinium metal, including gadolinium ingot by reduction method and distillation method. The particle size is available with -100mesh and -200mesh . It has ferromagnetic property and superconductivity. Gadolinium metal would oxidize in moisture air and get dark, however it doesn’t react with water. The common gadolinium alloy is gadolinium-magnesium alloy. Except that, praseodymium-neodymium-gadolinium alloy, aluminum-gadolinium alloy, cobalt-gadolinium alloy, zirconium-gadolinium alloy, magnesium-yttrium-gadolinium alloy, aluminum-lithium-gadolinium alloy, aluminum-gadolinium-samarium alloy, gadolinium-silicon-germanium alloy and gadolinium-molybdenum-cobalt alloy are also available.

Gadolinium Powder

CAS No.:7440-54-2Molecular Formula:GdMolecular Weight:157.25
EINECS No.:231-162-2Melting Point:1313℃Boiling Point:3266℃


Gadolinium powder is catalyst in chemical reaction. It is raw material for fluorescent powder of microwave technology and colored TV. Gadolinium metal is a kind of raw material for various alloys, which could increase the property of alloys.