Lanthanum Hexaboride

Lanthanum hexaboride is blue to purple powder of cubic crystal system, which is CaB6 type structure. It is hard to dissolve in water and hydrochloric acid. It would decompose when above the melting point. LaB6 is available with powder, polycrystal and monocrystal. It is not transparent, which show light red purple when dry, however show dark red when moisture. There are three methods of producing moncrystal LaB6, zone melting method, flux method and vapor phase method. LaB6 is thermoelectronic emitter. Lanthanum oxide and boron are the raw material.

Lanthanum Hexaboride

Purity: La/RE 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -20~500mesh

CAS No.:12008-21-8 EINECS No.:234-531-6 Molecular Formula:LaB6 Molecular Weight:203.77
Melting Point:2715℃ Density:4.76


Lanthanum boride get wide applications, which successfully apply to radar system in aerospace, electronic industry, instrument, home appliance metallurgy, environmental protection and about twenty military and high tech industry. LaB6 gets many uses in electron industry, which own better field emission property than W and other material. It is ideal material for high power electronic emission cathode. It plays a role in highly stable and high life electron beam, for example electron beam engraving, electron beam heat source, electron beam welding gun and other high performance compents.

Monocrystal lanthanum boride is best cathode material for high power tube, magnetic control device, electron beam and accelerator. It gets wide uses in electron microscope.