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Lanthanum Hydroxide

Lanthanum hydroxide is white powder, which is rare earth hydroxide. It is hard to dissolve in water and tend to absorb CO2 from air. It decompose when heating not reach melting point. Decomposition temperature is 260℃. LaH3O3 is stable at room temperature and pressure, which dissolve in acids, but not water. Lanthanum oxide is the raw material.

Lanthanum Hydroxide

CAS No.:14507-19-8EC No.:238-510-2Molecular Formula:LaH3O3Molecular Weight:189.93
Density:4.4UN 3262 8/PG 2  


Lanthanum(III) hydroxide applies to three-way catalyst, glass, ceramics and electronic industry. It is also raw material for some adsorbents for adsorbing uranyl ion, arsenious acid and arsenate anion in water.