Lanthanum Metal

Lanthanum metal is silver solid that is soft and ductile, which is available in powder, foil, sheet, ingot, piece, wire, granule, slug and sputtering target. La is rare earth element, which oxidize and lose lustre in dry air rapidly. It is corroded in moisture air, which can react with water, carbon , nitrogen, boron , selenium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and halogen. Lanthanum powder is soluble in dilute acid and release hydrogen. There are two production methods, distillation method and reduction method. The distilled lanthanum piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one.

Lanthanum Metal

Purity: La/REM 99.99% 4N, La/REM 99.5%
Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:7439-91-0 EINECS No.:231-099-0 Molecular Formula: La Molecular Weight:138.91
Density:6.17 Melting Point:920℃ Boiling Point:3463℃


Lanthanum metal is hydrogen storage material, which also act as reducing agent in processing other rare earth metals. It is additive for steel and non ferrous metal. It also plays a role in expensive camera lens, fire maker, battery electrode and catalytic converter.