Neodymium Metal

Neodymium metal is a kind of rare earth elements, which is black gray metal. It has paramagnetism. Neodymium is one of the most active rare earth metals and turn dark in air rapidly, which turns out neodymium oxide.

Neodymium Metal

Purity:Nd/REM 99.5% 2N5, Particle size:-100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:7440-00-8EINECS No.:231-109-3Molecular Formula:NdMolecular Weight:144.24
Melting Point:1021℃Boiling Point:3074℃Density:7.003UN 3208 4.3/PG 1


The main applications of neodymium ingot is Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material.

Magnesium alloy or aluminum alloy adding 1.5-2.5% Nd can improve the high temperature property, air impermeability and corrosion resistance. Neodymium foils widely apply to aerospace material.

Yttrium aluminum garnet doping neodymium powder can shot high frequency wave laser beam. Neodymium rods widely get use in soldering and cutting of thick 10mm less thin material in industry. In medical profession, it can replace scalpel to do extraction  or disinfect wound.