Samarium Sulfide

Samarium sulfide is yellowish-brown crystal powder, which is rare earth metal sulfide. It is stable at room temperature and pressure. When heating above 200℃, Sm2S3 oxidize. Samarium(III) sulfide can oxidize to oxide by hydrogen perxoide and other oxidizing agent. Samarium trisulfide decompose in hot water and dilute acid. Samarium(III) oxide and sulfur are the raw material. It owns hydrophilia. After dry modification with stearic acid, its surface would coated with a lay of stearic acid molecular and it owns hydrophobicity.

Samarium Sulfide


CAS No.:12067-22-0EC No.:235-076-6Molecular Formula:Sm2S3Molecular Weight:396.89
Density:5.729Melting Point:1900℃  

Samarium trisulfide could improve the mechanical property of rubber. Compared to the blank sample without adding Sm2S3, its tensile strength rise from 24.73MPa to 28.40Mpa and its tearing strength rise from 37.8KN.m to 42.4KN.m. The stretching strength and maximum elongation are both enhanced. Samarium trisulfide would affects the ageing coefficient of rubber. With the additive amount increase, the ageing cofficient of rubber increase.

Samarium sulphide film is a kind of p type semiconduct, which get big potential in converting solar energy to electricity or chemical energy. It is also a kind of trivalent rare earth sesimulfide, which get great prospect in optical window material. It is also raw material for a kind of strain gauge.