Scandium Nitrate Hexahydrate

Scandium nitrate hexahydrate is white or colorless needle like crystal, which is rare earth nitrate salt. It tend to dissolve in water and ethyl alcohol. ScNO3.6H2O own hygroscopy  and should be sealed. Scandium(III) nitrate dissolve in water to form scandium(III) nitrate hydrate. With  temperature increasing, solubility raise. When heating, ScNO3.6H2O resolve to oxygen and nitrid oxide. The lowest temperature for transferring to Sc2O3 is 510℃. Its production method is as lanthanum nitrate. Scandium hydroxide is the raw material.

Scandium Nitrate Hexahydrate

CAS No.:13465-60-6 EINECS No.:236-701-5 Molecular Formula:Sc(NO3)3.nH2O (n=3,4,5,6) Molecular Weight:230.97


ScNO3.6H2O applies to make scandium compound intermediates, which is also for chemical reagents.

Scandium(III) nitrate is a kind of organic reagent and medical intermedicate. It is raw material for NTE material Sc2W3O12.  ScNO3.6H2O is also raw material for diffused cathode base material powder containing Sc.