Thulium Metal

Thulium metal is rare earth of silver hexagonal crystal. It is soft and ductile. Thulium slowly oxidize in air and turn thulium oxide that is light yellow crystal. It dissolve in acid, but not in water. The package must avoid air, oxide, acid, halogen and moisture. There are two production methods, reduction method and distillation method. The distilled thulium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one. Tm can process into foil, sheet, rod, wire, powder and sputtering target. Tm ingot is of REM 99.99%. Thulium powder is of REM 99.9% and particle size -100mesh and -200mesh.

Thulium Metal

Tm/REM 99%

REM 99.9%

CAS No.:7440-30-4 EINECS No.:231-140-2 Molecular Formula:Tm Molecular Weight:168.934
Melting Point:1545℃ Boiling Point:1727℃ Density: 9.321