Zirconium Carbide

Zirconium carbide is dark grey cubic crystalline powder, which can process into sputtering targets. Its melting point and hardness is high. However its chemical property is bad, which would decompose in water and dissolve in acid. It react with chloride to forms zirconium chloride at high temperature. ZrC powder fire to zirconium oxide if 700℃. It is brittle. Zirconium oxide is the raw material.

Zirconium Carbide

CAS No.:12070-14-3 EINECS No.:235-125-1 Molecular Formula:ZrC Molecular Weight:103.2347
Density:6.74 Melting Point:3540℃ Boiling Point:5100℃ UN 3178 4.1/PG 2


Zirconium carbide is a kind of high melting point material of high hardness and also an extremely good refractory material. It is a raw material in solid propeller of rocket motor. ZrC is raw material for alloy steel, zirconium metal, zirconium chloride, prospect fine ceramics. It is a kind of abrasive material, which is raw material for hard alloys too.