Zirconium Carbide

Zirconium carbide is dark grey cubic crystalline powder, which can process into sputtering targets. Its melting point and hardness is high. However its chemical property is bad, which would decompose in water and dissolve in acid. It react with chloride to forms zirconium chloride at high temperature. ZrC powder fire to zirconium oxide if 700℃. It is brittle. Zirconium oxide is the raw material.

Nano ZrC powder is with high purity, fine particles, equally distributed particle sizes. Its specific surface area is large and the surface activity is high. The  apparent density of nano powder is low. It owns good property as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity and high toughness, which is an important high-temperature structural material with high-melting-point, high strength and corrosion resistance. It has property as highly absorption of visible light, reflected infrared ray and stored energy. 

Zirconium Carbide
TEM-Zirconium Carbide
SEM Zirconium Carbide


Zirconium Carbide Nano Powder

CAS No.:12070-14-3 EINECS No.:235-125-1 Molecukar Formula:ZrC Molecular Weight:103.2347
Density:6.74 Melting Point:3540℃ Boiling Point:51oo℃ UN 3178 4.1/PG 2
Purity:>99% Particle size: 30nm, 50nm,100nm


Zirconium carbide is a kind of high melting point material of high hardness and also an extremely good refractory material. It is a raw material in solid propeller of rocke motor. ZrC is raw material for alloy steel, zirconium metal, zirconium chloride, prospect fine ceramics. It is a kind of abrasive material, which is raw material for hard alloys too. 

Nano ZrC powder is raw material for near-infrared ray fibers. When ZrC or SiC connten in fibers reach 4%wt, the near-infrared ray absorpition property of the fiber is best. Adding nano ZrC and SiC to shell of the fiber get better effect in near-infrared ray absorpition than adding inside the core. 

ZrC nano powder could apply to new thermal insulation and temperature adjusting textile. The nano powder owns property as highly absorption of visible light and reflection of infrared ray. When it absorbs 95% 2μm short wave length among sunlight, the energy could be stored in material after converting heat. It could reflect infrared ray that is over 2μm wave length, however the wave length of the infrared ray  from human body is about 10μm. When wearing clothes containing ZrC nanopowder, the infrared ray of the human body is not easy to radiate. 

Nano zirconium carbide could apply to paints too, which are high temperature resistance apint and could improve the surface property of the material. It could improve the property of carbon fiber as the strength, fatigue resistance, abrasive resistance and high temperature resistance. The improved carbon fiber is better than other carbon fibers at all parameters after testing. Now it is widely used in aerospace carbon fiber.