Barium Sulfide

Barium sulfide is white or offwhite crystal powder, however industrial one is light brown or black powder or lump. It tend to absorb moisture and hydrolysis. In dry air, BaS oxidize to yellow or orange color. But in moisture air, it decompose to H2S, which is faster in acids. BaS is soluble in water. Its production method is same as calcium sulfide and strontium sulfide. Barium carbonate is the raw material. 

Barium Sulfide

CAS No.:21109-95-5EC No.:244-214-4Molecular Formula:BaSMolecular Weight:169.39
Density:4.25Melting Point:1200℃UN2813 4.3/PG 2


Barium(II) sulfide applies to make barium salts and lithopone. It uses as desulfurizer of rubber and hair removal agents of leather. 

In farming, it uses as acaricide and bactericide.