Barium Titanate

Barium titanate is a kind of strong dielectric compound, which is a widely applied electronic ceramic materials. It has high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss. BaTiO3 whisker is an important ferroelectric, which own ferroelctric property when temperature under 120℃. There are two different production methods, oxalate precipitation method and solid phase method. It is insoluble in water, hot dilute nitric acid and alkali, however soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid,  hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

Barium Titanate

CAS No.:12047-27-7 EINECS No.:234-975-0 Molecular Formula:BaTiO3 Molecular Weight:233.21
Melting Point:1625℃ Density:6.017 Refractive Index:2.40 Curie Point:120


In ceramic industry, barium titanate crystal applies to computer parts, magnetic amplifiers, electronic device and electrolytic amplifer. It has stable electric hysteresis nature. It can process into pigments, semiconductor ceramic as crystal boundary layer capacitor, PTC thermistor and piezoelectric ceramics.

BaTiO3 powder get wide applications in electronic industry, for instance, processing nonlinear element, dielectric amplifier, the memory element of electronic computer. It also can process into microcapacitor of small size and large capacitance. It can apply as raw material for making ultrasonic generator.