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Cerium Chloride Heptahydrate

Cerium chloride heptahydrate is white to yellow crystalline granular, which is a rare earth salt. It tend to dissolve in water and ethyl alcohol, which turn into anhydrous. When 90℃, cerium(III) chloride heptahydrate starts to lose water. After 230℃, it turn into cerium(III) chloride anhydrous. Cerium dioxide is the raw material.

Cerium Chloride Heptahydrate

CAS No.:18618-55-8EINECS No.:232-227-8Molecular Formula:CeCl3.7H2OMolecular Weight:372.58
Melting Point:848℃Density:3.92  


Cerous chloride heptahydrate use as analytical reagent and catalyst, which is also raw material for production of metal cerium. It applies to medical intermediate, hard alloy additive, cerium salts and chemical reagents.