Cerium Metal

Cerium metal is silver gray metal. In air it turns dark because of rapid oxidization. It is very active chemically, which fire and turns out cerium dioxide when heating and react in water rapidly. It react with boiling water and turns out cerium hydroxide. Ce metal can fire in halogen as chlorine that forms CeCl3. It is richest among all rare earth elements. Cerium ingot can process to foil, powder, pieces and ingots. The powder tend to self-ignite in air.

Cerium Metal

Purity:Ce/REM 99.99% 4N, Ce/REM 99.5% 2N5, Particle size:-100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:7440-45-1 EINECS No.:231-154-9 Molecular Formula:Ce Molecular Weight:140.116
Melting Point:795℃ Boiling Point:3468℃ Density:6.689 UN 1333 4.1/PG 2


Cerium powder mainly apply to reducing agent. It is also raw material for making cerium salts and apply to medicine, tan, glass and spinning. It is environmental friendly material and typical application is cleaning catalyst for automobile exhaust.

Ce metal is raw material in production of flintstone, ceramics and alloys. It is additive for alloys. Cerium alloys resist high temperature and can apply to make parts of jet propeller.