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Thallium Chloride

Thallium chloride is colorless or white powder or crystal, which turns into purple in air or light. It is faintly soluble in water, however insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Thallous monochloride acutely reacts with fluorine or potassium. When come to high heat, it decompose and release highly toxic smoke. Thallium(I) sulfate or thallium(I) nitrate is the raw material.

Thallium Chloride

CAS No.:7791-12-0EINECS No.:232-241-4Molecular Formula:TlClMolecular Weight:239.84
Melting Point:430℃Boiling Point:806℃Density:7UN 1707 6.1/PG 2


Thallium(I) chloride use in hair remover, fireworks, signal detonator and flare, which is also raw material for some medicines laser crystals and semiconductors.