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Thallium Sulfate

Thallium sulfate is white crystalline powder, which is a thallium salt. It is easily soluble in dilute acid and water. Thallium metal is raw material for thallium(I) sulfate.

Thallium Sulfate

CAS No.:7446-18-6EINECS No.:231-201-3Molecular Formula:Tl2SO4Molecular Weight:504.83
Melting Point:632℃Density:6.77Refractive Index:1.860UN 1707 6.1/PG 3


Thallous sulfate used to be rodenticide. Now it mainly apply to Tl+ source in laboratory. Thallium(I) sulfate apply to analytical reagent and pharmacy industry. It is also raw material for other thallium salts as thallium(I) hydroxidethallium carbonatethallium bromidethallium iodide and so on.