Thallium Metal

Thallium metal is silvery white soft metal. It is byproduct from smelting process of non-ferrous metals sulfide ore. Its main compounds are thallium(III) oxidethallium(I) oxidethallium hydroxide, thallium sulfide, thallium sulfatethallium chloridethallium carbonatethallium nitratethallium trifluoroacetatethallium iodide and thallium formate.

Thallium Metal Ingot

CAS No.:7440-28-0EIENCS No.:231-138-1Molecular Formula:TlMolecular Weight:204.38
Density:11.85Melting Point:303.5℃Boiling Point:1457℃UN 3288 6.1/PG 2


Thallium metal ingot apply to process phototube, cryometer, optical glass and thallium salts. However it get prospect in light-guide fibre, radiation scintillator, radiation shielding material, catalyst and superconducting materials too.

Thallium metal piece is the third high-temperature superconductor after finding yttrium and bismuth. There are four kinds of superconducting phase power synthesized. Recent researches indicate thallium series high-temperature superconductor material can achieve high TC film, poly crystal, thick film and strip.

Thallium ingot can process into thallium alloy. In industry thallium alloy has important purpose. Thallium metal can enhance alloy strength, improve alloy hardness and strengthen corrosion resistance. Thallium alloys mostly apply to produce special fuse and solder for high temperature soldering. Tl-Pb-Sn alloys can resist corrosion from acids, which is very fit for key parts of mechanical equipments used in acidic environment. Mercury-thallium alloys have melting point at -60℃, which can filled in cryometer that can work in extremely cold area in polar region and cryosphere of high altitude. Tin-thallium alloy is a kind of superconducting material. Cadmium-thallium alloys are important material in  atomic energy industry. Indium-Thallium-Silver alloy is a kind of bearing alloy that is for producing advanced and high speed engine bearings, which is widely used in airspace and automobile. Gold-Indium-Thallium alloy is a kind of memory alloy, which is a new kind of alloys