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Vanadium Chloride

Vanadium chloride is light blue powder. It tend to deliquesce in air. The other name is vanadium trichloride, vanadium(III) chloride. It dissolve in methyl alcohol and diethyl ether, but not dissolve in nonpolar solvent. Vanadium trioxide and sulfur dichloride are the raw materials.

Vanadium Chloride

CAS No.:7718-98-1EINECS No.:231-744-6Molecular Weight:VCl3Molecular Weight:157.30
Melting Point:300℃Density:3.09UN 2475 8/PG 3 


Vanadium trichloride could take part in production of strong reductant vanadium dichloride, organic vanadium compounds. It is as catalyst in organic synthesis.