Vanadium Trioxide

Vanadium trioxide is dark gray crystalline powder, which is of orthorhombic system structure and odorlessness. It is insoluble in water and alkali, however soluble in acid. Vanadium(III) oxide burn fiercely after heating in air. It absorb oxygen in air and turn to vanadium(IV) oxideVanadium pentoxide is the raw material.

Vanadium Trioxide

CAS No.:1314-34-7EINECS No.:215-230-9Molecular Formula:V2O3Molecular Weight:149.98
Melting Point:1970℃Boiling Point:3000℃Density:4.87UN 2862 6.1/PG 3


Vanadium(III) oxide is colouring agent for glass and ceramic. It  also act as catalyst when sulfur dioxide oxidize to sulfur trioxide and ethyl alcohol oxidize to acetaldehyde. It plays a role in plant inoculate.

Vanadium(III) oxide is raw material for glass that prevent ultraviolet ray. It is also a kind of eikonogen. It is raw material for making yellow glass and nigrosine.