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This page is a brief introduction of our company and products. It would help you learn what we can do for you, who we are and what the advantages are. The products are listed including minor metals, chemical compounds, sputtering targets and rare earths. The applications they serve are presented including semiconductor, photoelectric, ceramics, melting, spraying, science development, energy, pharmaceuticals, machinery. Main products from minor metals are presents like Bi, Te, Ga, In, Ge, Se, Cd, Hg, Tl, Ru. Chemical compounds are made from minor metals and rare earths, which mainly include sulfide, nitride, sulfate, carbonate, nitrate, phosphate, acetate and so you. Rare earths and minor metals could be processed into sputtering targets too, including their compounds. Rare earths play an important roles in many industries, for example  high-performance alloys, advanced ceramics, Sc battery, fluorescent powder. Rare earth products cover metals, oxides, sulfide, nitride, nitrate, chloride, hydride, fluoride from Sc, Y, Tb, La, Pr, Dy, Nd, Er, Tm, Eu, Ho, Sm.