Bulletproof Foam Metal Make Military Vehicle Lighter and More Efficient

How to use lightest material for bullet proof? This question motivate material scientists to chase breakthrough in advanced light armour, so it could reduce burden of infantry and make military vehicles lighter. Now Researchers from North Carloina State University developed a new bulletproff material, whose property is equal to traditional armour, however the weight is half of the traditional one.

The research team announced a impressive research in 2015, which is they developed a new type foam metal that can shield high intensity X-rays, gamma ray, neutron radition and other high energy ray collision. In 2016, the research team used their method to produce high intensity shield, which can turn bullet to dust and ashes in a second. Other research teams get similar success by using graphene

The core is called CMF (composited metal foam). This can be produced by adding foaming agent in the melt metal and turning foam mixture. The next step is cooling and forming light base, and then inert hollow metal sphere. The final material is much lighter than traditional metal, but same intensity

This time, A research team leaded by Afsaneh Rabiei who is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering use this method to produce steel CMF that is inserted with steeel ball. Then inerst it bewteen ceramic panel and thin aluminum back, testing how it bears when shoting bullet to the material.

Using 0.50 bullet and armour piercer with speed at 500-885meter per second to shot in the armour. The material can absorb 72%-75% projectile kinetic energy and 68%-78% kinetic energy through armour. In some tests, blast didn’t make bullet hoe in aluminum back.