Antimony Metal

Antimony metal is a metalloid element, which is silvery white solid and toxic. It can process into powder, ingot, rod, pellet, shot, granule, pellet, broken lump and so on. Antimony lost lustre in moisture air. When come to strong heat, Sb element burns to white antimony oxide. Antimony powder is easily soluble in aqua regia and soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid.

Antimony ingot is poor conductor for electricity and thermality. It is not easy to oxidize at room tempatrure, which has property of corrosion resistance. 

Antimony Metal

Purity:99.9%, 99.999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-36-0EINECS No.:231-146-5Molecular Formula:SbMolecular Weight:121.76
Melting Point:630.5℃Boiling Point:1635℃Density:6.68 


Antimony pellet is raw material for lead antimony alloy pellet that is for lead acid cell. Sb-Pb-Sn alloy is for welding material, bullet and bearing. The main function of antimony in alloy is increasing hardness, which is hardening  agent for metals and alloys. Sb-Sn-Al-Cu alloy has high strength  and high  wear resistance, which is extremely good material for producing bearings, bushing and gear. 

Antimony rod apply to make III-V group compound semiconductor, high purity alloy and antimony sulfide. It is also raw material for refrigeration parts and dopant for silicon monocrystal and germanium monocrystal.

Antimony powder act as analytical reagent, which is raw material for other antimony salts. Antimony gets applications in biology area or medical area, for example antimonial for vomitory, antimony potassium tartrate for treating bilharziasis. Antimony metal and its compounds are also used in various veterinary drugs, for examples anthimoaline for skin-conditioning agents for ruminant. 

High purity antimony and antimony metal compounds (as InSb, AgSb, GaSb) are ideal material for production of semiconductors and thermoelectric devices. Antimony is often used as dopant for super high conductivity n-type silicon wafer, which could be used in production of diode, infrared detector and hall effect elements. However indium antimonide is for production of infrared detector. 

Antimony is not just stabilizer and catalyst for production of PET, but also clarifying agent for visible air bubbles of glassess under microscope. , which is mainly for production of television screen.