Antimony Metal

Antimony metal is silvery white, which can process into powder, ingot, rod, pellet, shot, granule, pellet, broken lump and so on. It lost lustre in moisture air. When come to strong heat, Sb element burns to white antimony oxide. Antimony powder is easily soluble in aqua regia and soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid

Antimony Metal

Purity:99.9%, 99.999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-36-0EINECS No.:231-146-5Molecular Formula:SbMolecular Weight:121.76
Melting Point:630.5℃Boiling Point:1635℃Density:6.68 


Antimony pellet is raw material for lead antimony alloy pellet that is for lead acid cell. Sb-Pb-Sn alloy is for welding material, bullet and bearing.

Antimony rod apply to make III-V group compound semiconductor, high purity alloy and antimony sulfide. It is also raw material for refrigeration parts and dopant for silicon monocrystal and germanium monocrystal.

Antimony powder act as analytical reagent, which is raw material for other antimony salts.