Antimony Sulfide

Antimony sulfide is silvery gray piece, which is a metal sulfide and can process into powder, granule, shot, rod, slug and so on. It is insoluble in water, however soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.

Antimony Sulfide

CAS No.:1345-04-6 EINECS No.:215-713-4 Molecular Formula:Sb2S3 Molecular Weight:339.71
Melting Point:563℃ Boiling Point:1150 Purity: 99.99%


Antimony(III) sulfide is pigment for glass, which sulfide agent for rubber industry and military goods. It is also photoelectric material and semiconductor material.

Antimony trisulfide mainly apply to produce match and fireworks. It is also raw material for other antimony metal salts.