Beryllium Metal

Beryllium metal is gray alkaline earth, which own great property of hardness and malleability. French chemist Vaueulin Niclas Louis discovered Be when do chemical analyzing of beryl and emerald in 1798. It is a metal, however beryllium and its compounds are all highly toxic. Be element belongs to II A group on periodic table groups however its property is close to aluminum. When handling, it need extreme strict protection. It is in granules of irregular sizes usually, which could process into sheet, pellet, rod and powder. The hardness of beryllium is higher than other metals from same group, which can’t be cut by knife like calcium, strontium and barium. Beryllium powder could dissolve in either acid or alkali liquor, which belong to amphoteric metal. But it is not soluble in cold.

Beryllium Metal

CAS No.:7440-41-7EINECS No.:231-150-7Molecular Formula:BeMolecular Weight:9.012
Melting Point:1287℃Boiling Point:2970℃Density:1.85Ignition Temperature:647℃


Beryllium element gets more and more uses in aerospace, atomic energy, rocket and metallurgy.

Among all metals, beryllium is best for x-ray through, so it is called with metallic glass. There are no substitute for it in preparing X-ray tube window.

Beryllium metal is light than common aluminum and titanium, however the strength is four times of steel. It is good structure material for rocket and satellite.

In metallurgy, bronze containing 1%-3.5% Be are beryllium bronze, which is of good mechanical property and anti-corrosion, at same time keeping much high electrical conductivity. It is raw material for balance spring of watch, high speed bearing, submarine cable. Beryllium copper containing an amount of nickel is not easy to spark when knocking. To use this fantastic nature, it is used for preparing special chisel,hammer, drill  of petroleum industry and mining, which can prevent fire and explosion. Beryllium copper does not attract magnet, so get use in antimagnetic parts.

Beryllium ingot is raw material for beryllium-aluminum alloys, fluorescent tube and phosphor of  television tube too.

It is also a chemical element, which is raw material for other beryllium compounds or salts as beryllium phosphate trihydrate, beryllium nitrate, beryllium oxide, beryllium sulfide and so on.