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Bismuth Selenide

Bismuth selenide is gray rhombohedral crystal powder, which is minor metal selenide . Bi2Se3 is a semiconductor and thermoelectric material. Bismuth(III) selenide is insoluble in water and organic solvents, however soluble in strong acids. Selenium and bismuth or bismuth oxide and hydrogen selenide are the raw material. Bismuth triselenide crystal use Bridgman Method, direct method and zone melting method to grow.

Bismuth Selenide

CAS NO.:12068-69-8EC No.:235-104-7Molecular Formula:Bi2Se3Molecular Weight:654.8
Density:6.82Melting Point:710℃  


Bismuth(III) selenide is raw material for a new crystal material. The inside of crystal show smiliar to superconductor, which is conductive with zero resistance. However its surface is metal with resistance at same time and can transport current.