Cadmium Sulfide

Cadmium sulfide is yellow powder and odorless, which can process into sputtering targets of variable sizes and shapes. There are two structure of CdS, α-type (hexagonal crystal) and β-type (cubic crystal). The first one is lemon yellow with relative density 4.82 and melting point 1750℃.The second one is orange yellow with relative density 4.50. CdS is insoluble in water, (NH4)2S and Na2S solution, however tend to dissolve in ammonium hydroxide and soluble in concentrated acid or hot dilute acid. Cadmium perchlorate solution, cadmium chloride or cadmium sulfate solution is the raw material.

Cadmium Sulfide

CAS No.:1306-23-6 EC No.:215-147-8 Molecular Formula:CdS Molecular Formula:144.46
Density:4.82 Melting Point:1750℃ UN 3077 9/PG 3


High pure cadmium sulfide is semiconductor material and photoelectric material.

Low pure CdS applies to pigments of enamel, glass, ceramic, plastic and coating.