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Chromium Powder

Chromium powder is dark gray fine particle, which have strongest hardness. It can protect metal when coating.

Chromium Powder

CAS No.:7440-47-3EINECS No.:231-157-5Molecular Formula:CrMolecular Weight:52
Melting Point:1857℃Boiling Point:2672℃Density:7.18 


Pure chrome powder is for electroplating, which is one of  the most important electro-deposited metal. In most situation, chromium coating specially works as the outermost coating. When depositing chrome powder, thiner chrome coating, closer to the metal’s surface. Coating of Inwall of some gun barrel is just with thickness 5mmicrons, however after launching hundreds of cannonball or bullets, the chromium coating still exist. With the property of chromium coating, most parts’s lifetime would decrease due to abrasion and corrosion.  Chromium metal powder also take a part in production of brake block in automobile industry.