Gallium Oxide

Gallium oxide is white powder, which is a kind of wide bandgap semiconductor. The other names are gallium(III) oxide, gallium trioxide, digallium trioxide.  Ga2O3 does not dissolve in water, but faintly dissolve in hot acid or  aqueous alkali. It can react with fluorine and form GaF3. When dissolve in 50% HF, GaF3.3H2O form.  Gallium metal is the raw material for Ga2O3. Under heating condition, Ga2O3 can react with many metal oxide. Gallate ( M(I)GaO2) by compounding with alkali metal oxide get same crystal structure of Al2O3 and La2O3. It compounds with MgO, ZnO, CoO, NiO and CuO, which form spinel type M(II)Ga2O4. FeGaO3 has interesting electromagnetic property(that is piezoelctricity and ferromagnetism), which get widely studys.

Gallium Oxide

Purity:99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%

CAS No.:12024-21-4EINECS No.:234-691-7Molecular Formula:Ga2O3Molecular Weight:187.44
Melting Point:1740℃   


Gallium(III) oxide is as high pure analytical reagent and for production of semiconductor material in electronic industry. It is a kind transparent oxides semiconductor material, which has wide prospect in optoelectronic device. Ga2O3 uses as insulating layer of Ga base semiconductor material. It is raw material for ultraviolet filter . Gallium(III) oxide applys to chemical detector of O2 too.

Gallium trioxide powder can grow into monocrystal substrate like tellurium dioxide. It is also raw material for gallium trichloride and gallium trifluoride hydrate

Ga2O3 nano rod has potential uses in integrated circuit.