Gallium Trichloride

Gallium trichloride  is colorless needle-like hygroscopicity crystal and a kind of organic gallium compounds, which fume when contact with moist in air and hydrolyze. It reacts violently in air. GaCl3 is covalent minor metal salt, which is bipolymer when its gas is at about 270℃. It tend to dissolve in water and emit a lot of heat. GaCl3 also tend to dissolve in ether, benzene and other organic solvents, when dissolve in liquid ammonia, it forms ammonia complex. When temperature is less than the heating point, gallium(III) chloride tend to sublime in vacuum. Gallium metal or gallium(III) oxide is the raw material.

Gallium Trichloride

Purity: 99.999%min

CAS No.:13450-90-3EC No.:236-610-0Molecular Formula:GaCl3Molecular Weight:176.08
Density:2.47Melting Point:77.9℃Boiling Point:201.3℃UN 3260 8/PG 2


Gallium(III) chloride is catalyst for organic reactions, which is also raw material for some medicines. It get uses in electroplate liquid. GaCl3 and CuCl2( or Cu(NO3)2 ) can be raw material for synthesis of Copper-Gallium-Selenium optoelectronic films or CIGS films. It is primary material for trimethyl gallium (TMG). Gallium chloride anhydrous could be used in fibers too. GaCl3 could act as purifying agent to purify hydrocarbon impurties in chalcogenide glass. Gallium chloride is gallium source for gallium nitride by using CVD methode. Indium chloride and gallium chloride can be raw material for IGZO ink. GaCl3 and CoCl2.6H2O are raw material for ZnGa2O4 and Co doped Zn1-xCoxGa2O4.