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Germanium Sulfide

Germanium sulfide is white powder of orthorhombic crystal system, which is a kind of minor metal sulfide. It is not stable and tend to sublimate and oxidize at high temperature. GeS2 dissociate in moisture air or inert atmosphere. Its molten state is bright brown transparent body. Germanium disulfide is insoluble in water and inorganic acid(including strong acid), however tend to dissolve in thermokalite. It turns to germanium amide. Germanium(IV) sulfide starts to oxidize at 260~280℃ in air. When oxidizing by hydrogen peroxide, germanium dioxide gets. Germanium metal powder or germanium dioxide and sulfur are the raw material.

Germanium Sulfide

CAS No.:12025-34-2EINECS No.:234-705-1Molecular Formula:GeS2Molecular Weight:136.71
Density:2.19Melting Point:800℃  


Germanium(IV) sulfide is semiconductor material, which is also energy storage material.