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Mercury Telluride

Mercury telluride is black crystal, which is available in form of cylinder, rod, ingot, sheet,  pieces, granule, crystal substrate, wafer, sputtering target and powder. It is stable under room temperature and pressure. HgTe is insoluble in water. There are two production methods, zone melting and Bridgman method. Mercury and tellurium are the raw materials. HgTe is binary inorganic compound.

Mercury Telluride

CAS No.: 12068-90-5EINECS No.: 235-108-9Molecular Formula: HgTeMolecular Weight: 328.19
Melting Point: 1170℃Density: 8.12℃  


Mercury(II) telluride is mainly for producing infrared detector.  It is semimetal and zero bandgap material. HgTe is also raw material for growing zinc mercury telluride films. HgTe play a part in mercury(II) telluride-cadmium telluride compound semiconductor detector. It compounds with CdTe and InSb to form eutectic compound.