Tellurium Powder

Tellurium powder is gray fine particles. It is insoluble in water, benzene, carbon disulfide, however soluble in alkali, concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Te pieces,ingots, granules and shots are also available. Purity is 99.99%~99.9999%. Size can be against customer’s requirement. Tellurium granules are important raw material for producing infrared material. PbSnTe and CdHgTe are important infrared photoelectric material. CdHgTe is main light-sensitive material of infrared detector for military and space systems. Laser, photodiode and optical receiver that are related to infrared ray to ultraviolet ray use semiconductor parts ZnTe, CdTe, HgTe, HgCdTe. 

Tellurium Powder

Purity:99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N, 99.9999% 6N

CAS No.:13494-80-9EINECS No.:236-813-4Molecular Formula:TeMolecualr Weight:127.60
Melting Point:449.8℃Boiling Point:989.9℃Density:6.27UN 3288 6.1/PG 3


Tellurium metal is raw material for other tellurium compounds. When at high purity, it is also raw material for production of CdTeCdZnTe and other semiconductor compounds. They apply to thermoelectric conversion material, infrared material, solar cell and piezo-electric crystal. CdTe thin film solar cell demands more and more tellurium pellets. 

Tellurium pellet is additive in Sheer Steel, casting, pigments of glass and alloys. It is also vulcanizing agent, hardener and catalyst for rubber.

When add to lead, tellurium powder enhance its strength and corrosion resistance. It also play role in manufacturing disinfector, insecticide, bactericide and brightener in electroplate liquid.

Tellurium granule can apply to manufacture radioactivity iodine isotope. Bismuth telluride has good refrigeration characterisitics, which is ideal substitute for CFC-11, CFC-12 in refrigerator and air-conditioner.