Silver White Liquid Mercury

Silver white liquid mercury is made from cinnabar directly, which is a kind of liquid metal at room temperature. Mercury metal is silver white lquid metal, which has volatility and its steam is highly toxic. Hg element is insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, dilute sulphuric acid, alcohol and ether, however dissolve in concentrated nitric acid, and more easily dissolve in aqua regia and concentrated sulfuric acid. At room temperature, mercury element does oxidize, however volatilize. Further Mercury metal turns into mercury oxide when heating. Mercury element alloy with other metal to form amalgam, exacept for iron. 

 Metal mercury’s main purposes are gold mining, dental and electrolysis.It is also raw material for mercury salts, mercury reagents, catalysts, electrode and so on. 

CAS No.:7439-97-6EINECS No.:231-106-7Molecular Formula:HgMolecular Weight:200-59
Density:13.393Melting Point:-38.87℃Boiling Point:356.57℃Vapor Density:7

Silver White Liquid Mercury

Mercury element has many other names as hydrargyrum, liquid silver, quicksilver, mercnrius. It is a kind of minor metals, which is not widely used, however it is old fashion for some industries as gold refinery and dental filling. Although environmental reagent melting gold developed,  some area still need it to recovery gold dust, mostly Africa.  Standard package of mercury is 34.5/flask net weight with steel flask. There are two kinds of steel flasks, long neck flask and short neck one. The flasks seal with tight screw. Mercury density is very high, so each package is heavy though it seem small.

Standard purity of white mercury is 99.99%, however actual purity is 99.999%-99.9999%. It has low impurities to guarantee it wouldn’t compound other alloys, when form amalgam before evaporating gold.