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Tantalum Pentoxide

Tantalum pentoxide is white powder, which is stable and very hard to melt. It is mostly common oxide of tantalum, which is also final product for tantalum firing in air. Its chemical properties are close to niobium pentoxide. Tantalum oxide is insoluble in water, ethyl alcohol and mineral acid, however soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

Tantalum Pentoxide

CAS No.:1314-61-0EINECS No.:215-238-2Molecular Formula:Ta2O5Molecular Weight:441.89
Melting Point:1800℃Density:7.6  


Tantalum(V) oxide is mainly for pulling monocrystal lithium tantalate and producing special optical glass of high refraction and low dispersion. It is also as catalyst in chemical industry. Ta2O5 is a kind of thermal evaporation material too.