Vanadium Silicide

Vanadium silicide is dark gray powder or particle, which is minor metal silicide. It is ceramic material. Vanadium powder and silicon powder are the raw materials.

Vanadium Di Silicide

CAS No.:12039-87-1EC No.:234-908-5Molecular Formula:VSi2Molecular Weight:107.11


Vanadium disilicide is raw material for preparing VSi2 films, which is also raw material for preparing a sound absorbing ceramic material. Silicides are key materials for preparing large scale integrated circuit, which could work as ohmic contact of circuit, schottky barrier and the electrode lead. 

VSi2 is also a raw material for various ceramic materials, as composite high strength zirconia cermaics, pressure resistant and heat resistant ceramic materials with ardealite and coal ash, composite bioceramics.