Vanadium Metal

Vanadium metal is silvery white dendritic pieces, however which can process into powder, rod, slug and other forms too. It is soluble in nitric acid, aqua regia, concentrated sulfuric acid and so on. Its chemical property is not active at room temperature, so which has strong resistance to corrosion and doesn’t react with air and water, neither non-oxidizing acid and strong aqueous alkali. But At high temperature, dendritic vanadium pieces react with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. V element is mainly for processing alloy steel and catalyst, for instance Chrome vanadium alloy get common uses. Vanadium price is relatively high  due to decreasing production and increasing demands. V element could get from reducing vanadium pentoxide by calcium or reducing vanadium trichloridey by magnesium. 

Vanadium is a refractory rare metal with high-melting point. 

Vanadium Metal

CAS No.:7440-62-2EINECS No.:231-171-1Molecular Formula:VMolecular Weight:50.942
Melting Point:1835℃Boiling Point:3000℃Density:6.1Ignition Temperature:500℃




Dendritic metal vanadium element apply to make new getter, coating material of fast reactor, additive for special alloys and superconducting materials.

Vanadium is an important alloy element, which is mainly for steel industry. Steel containing vanadium has property of high strength, strong toughness and abrasive resistance, which get wide application in machine, car, shipbuilding, railway, airspace, bridge,  electronic technique and national defence industry.