Thallium Sulfate

Thallium sulfate is white crystalline powder,which is odorless and tasteless. Common names for the chemicals is thallium(I) sulfate, which is a kind of sulfate chemical.It dissolve in water and dilute acid easily. Thallium metal or thallium hydroxide act as raw material.

Thallium Sulfate

Synonyms:ThalliumsulfatePURATREMwhitextl; dithallium sulphate; Thallium(I)sulfate; Thallium (I) sulfate (99.999%-Tl) PURATREM; Thallium(I) sulfate (99.5%-Tl); THALLIUM SULPHATE, thallous sulfate

CAS No.: 7446-18-6 EINECS No.: 231-201-3 Risk Codes: R28;R38;R48/25;R51/53
Inchi: InChI=1/H2O4.2Tl/cl-5(2,3)4;;/h(H2,1,2,3,4);;/1;2*+1/p-2 Melting Point:632℃ Molecular Formula:O4STl2
Solubility: in water: 48.7g/l(20℃),191.4g/l(100℃)  Density:6.77g/mL Molecular Weight:504.82

Category: Minor Metals, Inorganic Chemicals, Metal Sulfates


Tl2SO4 Cd Pb Fe Cu Ni
99.9%min 0.0015%max 0.003%max 0.001%max 0.001%max 0.001%max


Thallium(I) sulfate is  used as  very effective rodenticide against mice and rats. Since very dangerous, thallium(I) sulfate is forbidden in many european countries; however thallous sulfate is still in extensive use in South America and Asia, and also to some degree in the Souther regions of the United States.

Thallous sulfate is used in several industries as manufacturing of imitation jewelry pigments; of special alloy anode plates; of fireworks. Thallous sulfate is also used in semiconductors, scintillation counters, optical lenses, low-temperature thermometers etc.


UN No.:UN 1707 6.1/PG 2

Safety Instruction:S13;S36/37;S45;S61

Packing Group:II

Risk Group:6.1