Cerium Hydride

Cerium hydride is rare earth hydride powder including cerium dihydride and cerium trihydride. CeH2 is brittle black blue crystalline powder of CaF2 type structure, which self-ignite in moisture air. It react with water at 0℃. CeH3 is dark blue amorphous powder or brittle blue gray crystalline powder. It decompose in water and self-ignite in moisture air. It own semiconductor property. Cerium metal is the raw material.

Cerium Hydride

Purity: Ce/RE 99.5% 2N5

Particle size:-100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:13569-50-1 Molecular Formula:CeH2 Molecular Weight:142.131 Density:5.45
CAS No.:13864-02-3 EINECS No.:237-608-2 Molecular Formula:CeH3 Molecular Weight:143.139


Cerium dihydride is hydrogen storage material.