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Cerium Sulfide

Cerium sulfide include cerium(III) sulfide and cerium monosulfide, which are both rare earth metal sulfides. Dicerium trisulphide and cerium mosulfide are both yellow powder of cubic crystal system. Cerium trisulphide could be reduced to cerium mosulphide by silicothermic process. Ce2S3 and Si powder react in vacuum furnace and cerium mosulphide would get too. Cerium hydride (CeH3) is the raw material. Cerium sulphide powder is a new kind of non-toxic red pigment, which has properties as dark red color, strong tinting strength, hiding power, good thermal stability, non-toxic, lead-free, cadmium-free and so on. It is raw material for pink pigment ( ZrSiO4 coated Ce2S3), red pigment (ZrO2 coated Ce2S3), red pigment (SiO2 coated Ce2S3) for low temperature ceramic production. Nano cerium sulphide could reach 85% tinting strength of cadmium red (cadmium selenide), which is better than other inorganic red pigments as iron oxide red, molybdate red. Its opacity is same to cadmium base paint.

Cerium Sulfide

CAS No.:12014-93-6EC No.:234-603-7Molecular Formula:Ce2S3Molecular Weight:376.43
Density:5.9Melting Point:2445℃UN 3134 4.3/PG 3 
CAS No.:12014-82-3EC No.:234-600-0Molecular Formula:CeSMolecular Weight:172.181
Density:5.9Melting Point:2445℃  


Cerium sulphide gets widespread application in ceramics as pigment. It is also raw material for a kind of ternary heterostructure, SnS2-Ce2S3CeO2, which could be appplied to photocatalytic hydrogen generation and raise hydrogen evolution rate, 0.24mmol at highest.