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Indium Phosphide

Indium phosphide is new semiconductor material of zinc blend structure, which have two kinds, monocrystal and polycrystal. InP is gray rod, ingot, piece, wafer or powder, which is soft. Indium(II) phosphide faintly dissolve in inorganic acids. Indium metal is the raw material.

Indium Phosphide

CAS No.:22398-80-7EC No.:244-959-5Molecular Formula:InPMolecular Weight:145.79
Melting Point:1600℃Dielectric Constant:10.8Electronic Mobility:4600cm2/(V.S) 


Indium monophosphide uses as semiconductor material, which applies to fiber optic communication technology and need 1.1~1.6μm light source range and receiver. Growing InGaAsP biheterojunction laser on InP substrate can match lattice, also fulfill the wavelength requirement.