Indium Metal

Indium metal covers a series of products as ingot, wire, foil, plate, sheet, granule, shot, bar and so on. It is soft and ductile. Indium element is main raw material for low-melting alloy, bearing alloy, semiconductor and photoelectric.

Indium Metal

Purity:99.995%, 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-74-6EINECS No.:231-180-0Molecular Formula:InMolecular Weight:114.818
Melting Point:156.61℃Boiling Point:2060℃Density:7.30 


Indium ingot is mainly for production of ITO target that is for production of LCD and flat screen.

Indium wire is a kind of sealing material. its sizes are customizable according to requirements.  it is also a kind of welding material. To compress cost, In element alloy with tin.

Indium foil is a kind of metal target that is for sputtering.

Indium powder is raw material for electroconduction slurry and dental filling.