Indium Metal

Indium metal has good property of ductility, plasticity, low melting point, high boiling point, low resistance, corrosion resistance, light permeability and electrical conductivity. It gets wide applications in space navigation, wireless and electronic, medical treatment, national defense, energy and other advanced technology. 

Indium covers a series of products as ingot, powder, wire, foil, plate, sheet, granule, shot, bar and so on. It is soft and ductile. Indium element is main raw material for low-melting alloy, bearing alloy, ITO target, solder, semiconductor and photoelectric. Indium can alloy with many metals like tin, silver, copper, thallium, gallium, lead, cadmium, palladium, gold, manganese, arsenic and so on. Indium also can alloy with mercury and form amalgam. 

Large indium piece does not react with boiled water and alkali, however indium powder could react with water to form indium hydroxide. 

Indium Metal

Purity:99.995%, 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-74-6EINECS No.:231-180-0Molecular Formula:InMolecular Weight:114.818
Melting Point:156.61℃Boiling Point:2060℃Density:7.30 


Indium ingot is mainly for production of ITO target that is for production of LCD and flat screen.

However Indium wire is a kind of sealing material. Its sizes are customizable according to requirements.  it is also a kind of welding material. To compress cost, In element alloy with tin.

Due to Indium foil is a kind of metal target that is for sputtering. Coating indium foil on the surface of industrial bearings, the lifetime of the bearing is five time higher than bearings with other normal coating. 

Further on Indium powder is raw material for electroconduction slurry and dental filling.

In addition, Indium ingot is main raw material for fusible alloys. Indium alloys with melting point 47~122℃ are used in various fuse, thermostat, telltale and so on . The fusible alloys are solders. Even pure indium ingot, it is easy to stick glass, silicate, mica. Using indium ingot to weld parts made of piezoelectric materials. In making multilayer integrated circuit, using indium solder is an key factor. 

In dental, indium granules get a prospect too. Most alloy for false tooth is gold, silver, palladium and 0.5-10% indium. Adding a small quantity of indium granules in dental filling material, it can significantly improve the corrosion resistance and hardness of the filling material, meanwhile the alloy wouldn’t get dark.