Lanthanum Fluoride

Lanthanum fluoride is white face-centered cubic crystal powder, which is rare earth metal fluoride. It is hardly soluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and the dissolution mechanism is same as rare earth chlorides. LaF3 is a kind of optical material. It is stable at room temperature and pressure. Lanthanum oxide, lanthanum nitrate or lanthanum chloride is the raw material.

Lanthanum Fluoride

Purity: La/Re 99.999% 5N

CAS No.:13709-38-1 EINECS No.:237-252-8 Molecular Formula:LaF3 Molecular Weight:195.90
Density:5.936 Melting Point:1493℃ Boiling Point:2327℃ UN 3288


Lanthanum(III) fluoride applies to production of scintillant of modern medical image display and nuclear science requirements, rare earth crystal laser material, fluoride glass optical fiber and rare earth infrared glass. In lighting source, it use in producing carbon electrode of arc lamp. It uses in preparing fluoride ion selective electrode in chemical analysis. In metallurgical industry, it uses in processing special alloy and electrolytic production of lanthanum metal.