Samarium Metal

Samarium metal is silvery white metal crystal, which is available in powder, foil, rod, sheet, granule and sputtering target. It is hard as iron and own good ductility, but poor electric conductivity. Sm metal is relatively stable in dry air, however in moisture air, the surface oxidize and forms oxide layer. Samarium powder is soluble in water, however insoluble in water, which tends to self ignite. Samarium slugs easily compound with non-metallic element, for example samarium nitridesamarium hydridesamarium boridesamarium sulfide. There are two production methods, reduction method and distillation method. The sublimed samarium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one.

Samarium Metal

Purity:Sm/REM 99.9% 3N, Particle size:-100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:7440-19-9EINECS No.:231-128-7Molecular Formula:SmMolecular Weight:150.36
Density:7.533Melting Point:1072℃Boiling Point:1900℃ 


Samarium rods apply to make permanent magnets, carbon arc lamp, infrared absorbing glass,neutron absorber of reactor. Calcium oxide crystal doped with Sm can use as laser material. Samarium powder is raw material for production of samarium diiodide and various alloys. It play a part in many organic reactions too.