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Scandium Hydride

Scandium hydride is a rare earth metal hydride, which is an energy material. It is crystalline powder and process by chemical vapor deposition. Crystal morphology range over dendrites, needles, minute single crystals, rods, films and whiskers depending on the reducing metal used and the partial pressure of the ScCl3.ScH is also scandium-hydrogen alloy, which is an alloy made by combining scandium and hydrogen. Hydrogen acts as a hardening agent, preventing dislocation in the scandium atom crystal lattice from sliding past one another. Different amount of hydrogen decided its quality such as the hardness. Higher hydrogen content makes it harder than scandium metal. Scandium foil can be the raw material.

Scandium Hydride

Purity: Sc/RE 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:43238-07-9Molecular Formula:ScH3Molecular Weight:47.98 
CAS No.:13598-30-6Molecular Formula:ScH2Molecular Weight:46.972