Bismuth Granule

Bismuth granule needs bismuth metal as raw material. Except granule, bismuth ingot also can process into powder, pellet, foil, needle and other sputtering target. The sizes of bismuth pellets are customizable. Its standard purity is 99.99% normally. Bismuth granular as a new product plays an important role in developing new technology and imporving mechinical property. Bismuth metal is green metal, which is a substitute for lead, antimony, cadmium, mercury and other toxic metals. 

Bismuth Granule

CAS No.:7440-69-9EINECS No.:231-177-4Molecular Formula:BiMolecular Weight:208.98
Melting Point:271.4℃Boiling Point:1560℃Density:9.8 Purity: 99.99%


Bismuth shot is for replacing lead shot. Its surface is not smooth. However when alloy with tin, bismuth tin alloy pellet’s surface is smooth. The content of tin doesn’t need much. 3%-5% is enough. More contents of tin is for changing its melting point. 

Bismuth needle can be for welding material and fusible alloy . It alloy with other metal as tin , lead. Different content get different melting point. Bismuth metal is a kind of additive for steel, iron, aluminum and bronze, which could improve the property of the materials.  

Adding 0.1-0.4% Bi in free-cutting steel, it would improve machinability of steel. It is same purpose for adding in aluminum. If adding 0.2-0.4% Bi in Al-Mg alloy, the alloy wouldn’t break during rolling, which also enhance corrosion resistance.  Adding bismuth pellet in copper, it could be used in production of abrasion-resistant alloy and gear. 

Bismuth metal pellet and foil are evaporation coating material as sputtering target