Bismuth Granule

Bismuth granule need bismuth metal as raw material. Except granule, bismuth ingot also can process into pellet, foil, needle and other sputtering target. The sizes are customizable. Standard purity is 99.99% normally.

Bismuth Granule

CAS No.:7440-69-9EINECS No.:231-177-4Molecular Formula:BiMolecular Weight:208.98
Melting Point:271.4℃Boiling Point:1560℃Density:9.8 


Bismuth granule is for shot that replace lead shot. Its surface is not smooth.

Bismuth needle can be for welding material. It alloy with other metal as tin , lead. Different content get different melting point.

Bismuth pellet and foil are evaporation coating material as sputtering target.