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Bismuth Tin Alloy

Bismuth tin alloy is alloy of bismuth metal and tin metal, which are available with many different ratio, as 60:40, 58:42, 50:50 and so on. Their melting point is relatively low, so it is known as fusible alloy, Wood’s metal. Bismuth lead, bismuth aluminum, bismuth antimony, bismuth indium are also available. They are customs according to clients’ requirements.

Bismuth Tin Alloy

BiSn alloy is environment friendly, which has strong permeability. Low melting tin bismuth mould alloy apply to make sheet cold stamping die. It is also for production of copper sheet, aluminum sheet, steel plate and corrosion resistant plate. The mould is for stretching, bending and molding of sheet.

Tin bismuth alloy uses as safety plug of fire protecting arrange, automatic sprinkler and boiler. Once fire happen, plunger of the tubes will melt down and spray water.

In fire control and electrical industry, it use as automatic fire extinguishing system and electric fuse, soldering tin. Bismuth alloy has no shrinkage character when solidification.