Ammonium Fluoride

Ammonium fluoride is colorless needle-like or lobate crystal, which is ionic compounds. It tend to deliquesce in air. When heating, it breaks up to ammonia and hydrogen fluroide. NH4F  dissolve in water and alcohol, but not in acetone and liquid ammonia.  It corrode glass. Hydrofluoric acid anhydrous and liquid ammonia are the raw material.

Ammonium Fluoride

CAS No.:12125-01-8 EINECS No.:235-185-9 Molecular Formula:NH4F Molecular Weight:37.04
Density:1.05 Melting Point:98℃ UN 2505 6.1/PG 3  


NH4F solution can be as detergent and corrosive, which can confect with hydrofluoric acid to get buffer solution. Its MOS grades are mainly for integrated circuit of  medium, large scale. The BVIII grades are mainly for IC production.  It play a role in producing beryllium metal from beryllium oxide.

Its uses include extraction of rare elements, etching agent of ground glass, chemical polish of metal surface treatment, sanitizer and aseptic of making wine and mordant of fiber.

Ammonium fluoride get uses in ceramic and magnesium alloy. It can etch titanium wafer and silicon wafer.  It is a kind of analytical reagent and covering agent too.