Gallium Phosphide Powder

Gallium phosphide powder is dark yellow cubic crystal fine particles, which is a semiconductor compound. It is hard to dissolve in dilute hydrochloric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. There are two main production methods at present, High pressure single crystal furnace liquid seal technology and extension method.

Gallium Phosphide Powder

Purity:99.999%, Size:irregular pieces or powder

CAS No.:12063-98-8 EINECS No.:235-057-2 Molecular Formula:GaP Molecular Weight:100.69
Density:4.13 Melting Point:1465℃ Flash Point:110℃  



Gallium monophosphide apply to InGaAsP/InP of high conversion rate in solar cell. LED needs phosphide compounds as GaP, GaAsP and so on. Red LED need GaP or GaAsP and so on. Yellow and Orange LED need GaAsP as principal part.