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Indium Chloride

Indium chloride is available with indium(III) chloride anhydrous and indium(III) chloride tetrahydrate, which are common indium salts. Indium(III) chloride anhydrous is white powder, which is soluble in water. Indium metal is the raw material. Indium(III) chloride tetrahydrate is white crystalline powder.When heating in air, it decompose to In2O3.

Indium Chloride

CAS No.:10025-82-8EINECS No.:233-043-0Molecualr Formula:InCl3Molecular Weight:221.18
Melting Point:586℃Boiling Point:300℃Flash Point:300℃Density:3.46
CAS No.:22519-64-8EINECS No.:233-043-0Molecular Formula:InCl3.4H2OMolecular Weight:293.24
Melting Point:56℃UN3260 8/PG 2  


Indium(III) chloride anhydrous is spectral purity reagent and high purity chemical reagent. Dilute indium trichloride solution spray on grass feed that is as growth promoter of fleece.